Sheets of colourful plastic

Plastic products in stock

We supply a wide range plastic products and because we are a market leading plastic supplier we stock a huge selection of plastic on site at our head office warehouse in Exeter. 

Plastics we hold in stock at our Exeter head office include:

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Foam PVC

Available in a range of colours, thickness, and sizes.

Foam PVC in stock

Foam PVC - Matt White | Foam PVC - Matt Black | Foam PVC - High Density Premium Grade | Foam PVC - Gloss White | Foamalux Foam PVC - High Density Matt Colours, including Black​
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Available in a range of colours, thickness, and sizes.

Perspex in stock

Coloured Cast Perspex | Clear Cast SILK Perspex - Single sided satin/AR finish​ | Perspex S2 CLEAR Cast Frost​ | Colour S2 Cast FROST Perspex - Double sided matt finish​ | Perspex Cast Fluorescents & Sparkle
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Aluminium Composite Material (ACM)

Available in a range of colours, thickness, and sizes.

ACM in stock

Aluminium Composite Material - Hoarding Grade​ Aluminium Composite Material - Medium Grade Aluminium Composite Material - Premium Grade*​ Aluminium Composite Material - Colours Aluminium Composite Material - Brushed Silver
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Available in a range of colours, thickness, and sizes.

Acrylic in stock

Clear Cast Acrylic | Opal & White Cast Acrylic | Extruded Acrylic* | Extruded Acrylic Silver Mirror* (rec. for internal use only) | *Lead time 2-3 days
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Polycarbonate sheeting

Plastic roof

Our polycarbonate sheeting is available in a variety of colours and thicknesses. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, however, we usually we supply it for the base for signage and displays.

One of the polycarbonates main benefits is that it delivers the clarity of glass without the heavy weight and cost factor.

Clear, translucent or opaque sheets can be used as safety glazing as well as being able to be fabricated and formed for roof lights.

Benefits of polycarbonate sheets include:

  • Class 1 Fire Rating
  • High UV Protection
  • Wide Surface Temperature
  • High Light Transmission
  • High Impact Resistance
Polycarbonate sheeting

Rigid PVC

Rigid PVC is hard wearing and boasts a food safety rating due to its antimicrobial properties. This makes it ideal for internal areas where food is being handled and prepared. Equally, it is ideal for washroom facilities and bathrooms in commercial premises such as hotels. It is impact and heat resistant and offers the perfect solution for hygienic wall cladding, hygienic ceiling cladding and hygienic wall sheeting.

What more can you say really except this product is a flat, solid PVC sheet and it is designed specifically for use in hygiene environments.

With this in mind, it is more suitable for use within the food industry. It can be easily formed, fabricated and can be used for digital and traditional printing methods.

Kitchen with hygienic wall cladding
aluminium composite on building

Aluminium composite (ACM) 

For those of you a bit more on the tech side this is a Scooby snack of sorts with a polyethylene centre sandwiched between two aluminium skins.

This lightweight product is rigid and is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, making this an ideal base for printing in a number of formats, e.g. screen and digital inks as well as vinyl lamination. Another added bonus is that this product can be used in or outdoors due to its limited rate of expansion and contraction.

Benefits of aluminium composite include: 

  • Smooth Flat Surface 
  • Easily Cut, Folded & Formed 
  • Wide Surface Temperature 
  • Variety of Colours 
  • Rigidity 
  • Dimensional Stability