Bespoke plastic fabrication

If you are looking for bespoke 2D plastic fabrication you have come to the right place. Our team of experienced fabricators have the skills and expertise to 2D fabricate plastic to the highest standards. Whether you need your plastics drilled, cut or require routing, we can help. With expertise in a range of manufacturing technologies, we have the capability to engineer plastics to bespoke specifications. Our specialist equipment includes:

Laser cutter

Our laser cutter can cut designs of up to 1,300 x 900cm. With the ultimate in cutting accuracy, our laser cutting equipment is ideal for smaller and very detailed signage needs. In addition to cutting, the laser machine is capable of drilling and puncing holes into plastics, where accuracy is of paramount importance.

CNC router

Our computer numerical control (CNC) router is ideal for precision cutting, milling, sawing and bespoke plastic fabrications. With high levels of accuracy, we are confident of achieving the perfect cut every time.

Wall saws 

To achieve precision cutting for multiple sheets of plastic we use our wall saws. 

Edge Polishing

Edge polishing will give your acrylic plastics a flawless finish. A flame is applied to polish acrylic edges leaving a smooth and attractive finish.

2D Plastic fabrication at competitive prices

If you are looking for a reliable plastics fabricator offering affordable 2D fabrication services, look no further. We keep our prices low while the standard of our work is not compromised. Why not get in touch for a free quote? Feel free to send us drawings and we can offer a bespoke quote based on your needs and expectations.